Songs that Relive Memories

Do you have any songs that whenever you hear them, you are transported back to certain places that you have visited before? I do…one of them is…


Badaling, Beijing, China

We (my mom, sisters and I) were on a train to the Badaling Great Wall on our second last day in China, after seeing the other two less-touristic sections of the Great Wall (Jinshanling – Simatai and Mutianyu) in the early part of our trip. The train did not have sufficient seats for all the passengers, and since Badaling was the most conveniently accessible section of the Great Wall, the train was crowded with people who were curious about the most talked about attraction in the country. The journey took about 1.5 hours. Our legs became sore after standing for over 30 minutes so we decided to sit on the train floor. Some other people were also doing that. The train was polluted by noises of people talking, laughing, baby crying, train employees pushing a cart selling instant noodles, snacks and coffee/tea…


Badaling, Beijing, China. It is the most crowded section of the Great Wall. You may want to see the other less-crowded sections of the Wall for a deeper Wall experience.

I do not usually listen to music a lot when I travel but on that day, I felt the need to plug my earphones in my ears. Dusun songs were playing…and my mind started to fly far, far away from where I was at…then at one point, I saw most of the passengers had that ‘WOW’ expression on their faces…I turned my head and looked out of the train window, and there, in the distance, was the jaw-dropping Badaling Great Wall circling the mountain like an anaconda. At that very point, the song Urang Bilang by Freddy K was playing…3 years have passed..memories of the trip are becoming vague…but everytime I hear the song, my mind flies back to that day, on that crowded train, when I turned my head, set eyes on the beyond-words-beautiful Great Wall of China, and was reminded of ‘life is beautiful’.


Day hike from Simatai to Jinshanling sections. Pretty challenging but absolutely rewarding!


Hiking the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China. Emmmm…that medal…I bought it LOL! CNY10, if my memory doesn’t betray me.

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