Old School Charms

I got the postcard I sent to myself from my most recent trip today.  It is no longer as clean and straight as when I bought it…its sides are a bit curled now…little stains are visible…I am not surprised at all as it was
exposed to elements on its way to its master. I placed it in a box with all the other postcards I sent to myself from most of the places I have been to…I read the messages I wrote to myself at the back of these postcards. A smile naturally came to my face, warm, beautiful feelings rushed through me, my heart was touched as good memories of those trips flooded back in. These postcards are just not any postcards. They are the most precious little souvenirs I gave myself after the trips were long
over…img_09793Old-school arts seem to have drowned in the waves of technological advancement…the graceful art of handwriting is being replaced by computer-typed writing…postcards with personal messages written at the back or pictures taken with a film camera are giving way to digital pictures instantly shared over social media…as time ticks away, colors of those ‘traditional’ arts fade, their sides wrinkle, spots appear…but these are telling signs of the age of the memories attached to the arts…they have the warmth that is absent in digital arts…it is exactly the imperfection that they have become that makes them ever so beautiful.img_0981

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