I was organizing pictures in my hard disk when I saw those pictures of reflection taken at different points of time.  I took some time to reflect on the stories behind those pictures, and on all the trips that I have taken so far. Many times I have wished I could travel all the time, one place after another…however, I now realize that perhaps it is good to have a break between trips, to allocate some time to reflect on the last trip before moving on to the next….I would like to think that is one of the ways to re-connect with the place and truly appreciate the experiences it has given you after the trip is long over. I would call this reflective travel. When the next trip comes, you will appreciate it a lot more because that is all you have to focus on now… I guess the less we have, the more we appreciate.


A solitary summer walk down the Charles River, Boston.


A peaceful night walk in Hualien, Taiwan.


Reflection of my sister and I engaging in a tribal fight on the beautiful golden sand dune of Wadi Rum, Jordan.


Foliage reflection on water taken in Riverway, Boston.


Reflection of bare naked tree branches on Charles River in winter.