Trend of Nudity

Two days ago I read the news regarding the arrest of two visitors for taking nude selfies at Machu Picchu. My first reaction to the news was ‘what’s wrong with those people?’ I was also reminded of a similar incident that occurred on Mount Kinabalu about a year ago when a group of climbers stripped naked and urinated on the mountain. There is an extensive number of sites deemed sacred by indigenous peoples across the globe. I wonder if we will hear more news of tourists’ nudity. Is it becoming a negative travel trend? What is wrong with those visitors? There are rules governing tourist behaviors. However, they seem to be unable to curb disrespectful behaviors. Are the rules not effective? Or perhaps some of today’s tourists are just mentally deranged to perform such uncivilized act? I remember there is a huge banner just next to the Machu Picchu ticket counters reminding visitors of the site sacredness and the imperative need for deep respect for the site. Apparently, ignorant visitors are ‘blind’ to it. I trust there is no expectation placed on the visitors to accept as true what the indigenous peoples believe. What is expected (should be demanded!) is that visitors show respect by behaving well during the site visit. If they can’t honor that, perhaps they should not step foot on the site.



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