Capilano Crush

I fell in love with Capilano Suspension Bridge when I first read about it back in 2013. The bit of information that stole my heart away was “it hangs high enough to weaken the knees of many a visitor” (Virtual Canada, 2008). It sounded like the 137m-long-and-70m-above-the-Capilano-River footbridge would give me one hell of an adrenaline rush. I was also slightly drawn to the fact that it is the oldest attraction in Vancouver. I mean are we all not sometimes attracted to such titles as the highest, the longest, the biggest, the smallest, the northernmost, the southernmost, the oldest…? I got a chance to visit Vancouver in the Summer of 2017.  Capilano Suspension Bridge was still very close to my heart even after all these years. I had rather high expectations for the Bridge — since it is bordered by a nature park, I expected to get some up-close, authentic experience with the nature, and that I would experience a feeling of adventure and excitement as I crossed the Bridge.IMG_1746I discovered that Capilano Suspension Bridge Park has more than meets the eye — treetop viewing platforms, story center that houses photomurals, artefacts and antiques of the past, Kia’palano that provides a glimpse into the lives of British Columbia’s First Nations people particularly on their relationship with the nature, and Cliffwalk which I quite enjoyed.


Kia’ palano. Photo courtesy of Jason Newholm.

However, the star attraction — Capilano Suspension Bridge — did not turn out the way I expected. While it did not appear different than in pictures, I did not experience a feeling of adventure and excitement as I expected when crossing it. Perhaps I was affected by the large crowds which I did not expect. So perhaps instead of immersing myself in the sights and sounds of nature, I was distracted by the sights and sounds of the throngs of visitors. In contrast to the way by which most fairy tales depict true love in the scene of the woman lifting her leg when she kisses the man, my knees were not weakened as I crossed Capilano Suspension Bridge. I guess the Bridge was not the one… or I just fell out of love.


According to the information board in the park, Capilano Suspension Bridge can sustain the weight of more than 1300 people standing on it at the same time, or parade 96 elephants across the bridge at the same time.


At the length of 137 meters, Capilano Suspension Bridge is about the length of two Boeing 747 airplanes wingtip-to-wingtip. This is according to the information board in the park. In summertime, the crowds can be pretty intense. Photo courtesy of Jason Newholm.

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